Making the right choice for your nutraceutical products

Turning Nature’s Offering Into Desirable Products That Satisfy Consumer Preferences

You’ll be aware of the increasing and sustained popularity of omega-3 fish oil supplements. In fact, when U.S. supplement users were asked what kind of specialty supplements they consume, this was the most popular.1   That’s not surprising since the polyunsaturated fatty acids contained in omega-3 have been proven to play a decisive role in brain development before birth and during infancy, and maintaining cognitive function as we age, as well as providing significant cardiovascular health benefits throughout adult life.

New Opportunities For Consumer Convenience

Have you fully appreciated the huge opportunities now and coming soon that can give your organization the competitive edge in meeting consumers’ needs and securing brand loyalty?   Here are some of the health areas where we are applying our innovative, creative, and scientific minds to provide opportunities now and in the future to organizations such as yours.

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