Milan is calling… After 1.5 years, we’re thrilled to finally see you at CPhI Worldwide 2021!


Milan is calling… After 1.5 years, we’re thrilled to finally see you at CPhI Worldwide 2021!

Meet Evonik and discover latest solutions in oral and parenteral drug delivery as well as our portfolio of advanced technologies for the manufacture of small molecule APIs, HPAPIs and intermediates. We also provide a portfolio of catalysts, chromatography media (alumina or silica), decolorization materials and other tailored solutions to support the synthesis of APIs and other drug substances.

Intrigued? A group of our senior experts will be attending this year’s CPhI Worldwide in person. Just send us a meeting request below and we are more than happy to welcome you at our booth H20 in hall 11.

If you are not attending in person, then just reach out to us virtually on CPhI Online from 25th October to 19th November.


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Evonik Portraits_Peter Maiwald

Dr. Peter Maiwald 

Oral Drug Delivery

Profile Lindsey Clark

Lindsey Clark 

Parenteral Drug Delivery

Profilbild Sven Schröter

Dr. Sven Schröter

Exclusive Synthesis & API Contract Manufacturing

20211005_Foto Matthias Duisberg (002)

Matthias Duisberg

Heterogeneous Catalyst for Life Science Application

20211005_Foto Kerstin Dorschner (003)

Kerstin Dorschner

Heterogeneous Catalyst for Life Science Application

20211005_Foto David Rosenberg

David Rosenberg

Chromatography Media

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Discover our solutions for the pharmaceutical industry


Oral Drug Delivery Solutions

Evonik is a global development partner and solutions provider for oral drug delivery. For more than 60 years, we have been providing pharmaceutical and biotech companies with oral drug delivery solutions to help enhance drug performance, reduce project complexity, increase speed to market. In addition to our market-leading portfolio of EUDRAGIT® functional excipients and our recently launched EUDRACAPTM ready-to-fill capsules, we offer a selection of technologies, formulation and application services and cGMP-compliant clinical manufacturing and scale-up support.

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Parenteral Drug Delivery Solutions

Evonik is one of the world’s leading fully integrated CDMOs for parenteral drug delivery. For complex parenteral drug products, we are uniquely positioned to serve as a global development partner and solutions provider. Our parenteral drug delivery portfolio includes the market-leading RESOMER® portfolio of functional excipients, as well as contract manufacturing services for your own proprietary excipients. Our CDMO services include the formulation development, process development, GMP drug manufacturing and aseptic filling of drug products that utilize polymeric or lipid-based delivery technologies.

mRNA and Gene Therapy

COVID-19 heralds a new era in medicine: therapies using a range of nucleic acids have great potential to treat cancer, metabolic or infectious diseases. Specialized contract development and manufacturing partners with a high degree of flexibility will play a crucial role in supporting the pharmaceutical industry to realize the potential of gene therapies and their future applications. Evonik, as a fully integrated solutions provider for advanced drug delivery, can support you at any stage of the drug development process, including manufacturing of pharmaceutical excipients, developing innovative formulations, as well as the production of clinical drug product through commercial quantities.

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Dossenheim API drug manufacturing

Exclusive Synthesis and API Contract Manufacturing

Evonik is one of the world’s largest contract manufacturing organizations, with a Western-centered manufacturing network that can be relied upon to supply APIs, HPAPIs and intermediates up to the largest commercial volumes. Our unique core competencies across chemistry, biotechnology and engineering, combined with a proud record of performance for quality, supply security and sustainability, also make us a strong choice to serve as your preferred partner regardless of project size or complexity.

Optimized catalyst solutions

Catalysts operate behind the scenes, reducing resource consumption and accelerating chemical reactions, without ever appearing in final products. With the ability to fine-tune selectivity, activity and filterability with unparalleled precision, regardless of the application, Evonik is the right partner to deliver catalysts that contribute tangibly to value creation – off the shelf or in especially designed for your process.

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Customized precious metal catalysts from the Nobylst® P series

Selectivity can be more important than activity, particularly in life science and fine chemicals applications, where the yield of a high-value molecule is often decisive for the economic viability of a process. Precious metal powder catalyst from Evonik’s Noblyst® P series are tailored for highly selective hydrogenations, especially when other reducible groups are present nearby or in conjugation with the double bond to be hydrogenated. For delicate hydrogenations of CC triple bonds to the corresponding olefins a Lindlar catalyst such as Noblyst® P8059 or lead-free alternatives are available.

Alumina and silica gel for chromatography, batch extractions and decolorizations:

Clean, impurity-free end products are important in a GMP environment. Evonik offers a high activity series of normal phase alumina and silica gel products for use in liquid chromatography, batch extractions and decolorizations called Chromatocel® - whether you’re looking for bulk material, pilot scale quantities or samples for testing. The Chromatocel® series has optimized particle size, surface area, pH, and purity making it ideal for GMP compliant customers. Normal phase media like Chromatocel® are particularly useful for separation/purification of small molecule APIs, peptides, lipids, alkaloids, acrylic monomers, and a variety of other materials.

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