Improving the safety of medical devices

Endexo® surface modification technology 


Polymeric additives for enhanced device functionality and biocompatibility

Surface modification technologies have been successfully used for more than a decade across multiple device applications to reduce risk of thrombosis, bacterial adhesion, and biofouling.

Evonik’s Endexo® is a proven surface modification technology based on low molecular weight fluoro-oligomers to enhance the biocompatibility of medical devices that come into contact with blood, tissue or other biological fluids.


  • Versatile platform

  • Highly durable and passive technology

  • Does not elute or leach

  • Suitable for complex geometries and small profiles

  • Compatible with a range of base polymers


Endexo brochure


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Discover how Endexo® surface modification technology can enhance the functionality and biocompatibility of medical devices while minimizing disruption to standard manufacturing processes and accelerating speed to market.