Introducing EUDRACAP™

Ready-to-fill coated capsules for fast drug development.

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Boost functional performance and accelerate your speed to market.

Functional capsules can improve a targeted drug delivery strategy and allow the use of more sensitive active molecules. EUDRACAPTM is Evonik’s newly launched platform of functional ready-to-fill HPMC capsules. Completely free from animal-derived products, EUDRACAPTM helps optimize the release profile, protect even the most sensitive active ingredients, and speed up time to market.

EUDRACAPpre-locked capsules are suitable for the filling of drug forms including powders, pellets and granules. They are easy to open and close on standard capsule filling systems.


  • Precise pH targeting
  • Effective acid resistance for up to 4 hours
  • Optimized absorption rates
  • Reduces clinical risk
  • Accelerates time to market


We warmly invite you to our EUDRACAP™ launch webinar Choosing the right capsule: how Evonik’s new EUDRACAP™ ready-to-fill capsules boost functional performance. Join our experts Dr. Bettina Hölzer and Hans Bär as they explain how these smooth, evenly coated HPMC capsules optimize a drug’s release profile, protect active ingredients, and reduce clinical risk.

As a participant in this webinar you will learn about how EUDRACAP™

  • Addresses challenges in targeted drug delivery
  • Allows the use of more active ingredients which are sensitive to heat, moisture or gastric acid
  • Leverages Evonik’s established functional coatings EUDRAGIT®
  • Reduces risk and speeds up time to market for early stage drug development
  • Provides a flexible range of custom options such as choice of size, color and release profile

The online event will be taking place on June 15, 2021 at 10:00 a.m. EDT / 4:00 p.m. CEST. It will be short, focused and give you the opportunity to aks questions directly to our experts.

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Discover how Evonik leverages more than six decades of industry leadership with EUDRAGIT®  functional polymers and the development of oral dosage forms to bring you EUDRACAP™