Making the right choice for your nutraceutical products

The nutraceutical industry continues to shift towards a ‘pharma-lite’ environment where proven health claims are essential, quality is key, and formulation superiority drives brand preference.  

Indeed, nutraceuticals and pharmaceuticals now largely represent two sides of the same coin. The former uses food and nutrition to help maintain health and prevent disease, while the latter provides the therapeutics that facilitate treatment or cure. 

To minimize regulatory risk and earn the loyalty of consumers, nutraceutical companies are now adopting science-based practices and formulation development strategies that have proven successful within the pharmaceutical industry. 

These market innovators typically understand five key things: 

  1. Optimizing the purity, quality, consistency, stability and supply security of their active health ingredients is critical to regulatory success
  2. Regulators and consumers increasingly demand that key health outcomes and other performance-related benefits are scientifically proven
  3. The bioavailability of many active ingredients is dependent upon their delayed or targeted release in specific areas of the gastrointestinal tract, such as the colon
  4. Long-term brand loyalty is often determined not by price, but formulation factors, as consumers seek products that provide comfort and lifestyle convenience
  5. It is faster and easier to get to market with the support of a partner that has the capabilities and regulatory know-how to guide each step to final product delivery

Evonik Health Care has more than 60 years of expertise with active pharmaceutical ingredients, complex formulations and drug products to draw upon. This means we can give nutraceutical companies access to the right products, technologies, and services to satisfy consumer demand and regulatory standards, ultimately allowing you to differentiate your products.

You’re looking for expertise in a particular health area

As a global development partner and solutions provider, our portfolio of active health ingredients, functional coatings, formulation and scale-up services, and finished dosage forms is designed to create nutraceutical value across a range of health areas.

We offer high quality and scientifically sound health ingredients opening a world of possibilities for enhancing existing lines and creating new, targeted nutraceutical solutions for specific health areas.

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You’re looking for a reliable supplier of specific quality ingredients

Evonik Health Care has a range of advanced food ingredients that offer you brand differentiation, clinically proven health benefits and freedom in formulation.

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You’re looking for support with developing your next formulation

You’ll find our formulation development labs located across the U.S., Latin America, Europe, and Asia. We offer a broad range of analytical services including release testing for product quality and rapid feasibility studies to provide you with examples.

Evonik Health Care is a market leader in the development of advanced health ingredients for food supplements. If you are seeking to develop or upgrade your single or combination product in forms such as tablets or capsules, speak to us about how we can help differentiate your product brand whilst accelerating speed to market.

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You’re looking for more information

Keep an eye out for our duo of on-demand webinars on "The latest formulation trends to develop supplements targeting cardiovascular and cognitive health" which will be available soon!

This webinar series is intended for B2B professionals within the nutraceuticals industry only.